浙江u发官方网站仪表有限公司 隶属环球阀门集团,是一家专业的调节阀研发、生产机构,产品涉及化工、电力、冶金、环保等众多领域,并不断研发新技术,以适应不断发展的工业产业。




  公司依托国际化的设计理念,已开发出符合ASME、ANSI、API、DIN、GB等不同标准的控制阀,可提供铸造或锻造的各类碳钢、合金钢、不锈钢及双向不锈钢等材料;产品尺寸范围3/8"-24"(DN10~DN600);压力等级范围:ANSI Class150 - Class2500Lb(PNl.0- 42MPa);产品温度范围可满足-196℃- 600’C。


  Zhejiang Huankong Automation Instrument Co., Ltd belongs to Huanqiu Valve Group, is a professional regulating valve enterprise which engaged in research, development and production. The products are widely used in many fields, such as chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and environmental protection. So as to adapt constantly developed industries.

  The company produces various kinds of regulating valves for all kinds of working conditions, mainly including chemical industry, water industry, power station , thermoreduction and decompression device and other kinds of regulating valves according to the usersl requirements.

  Zhejiang Huankong Automation Instrument Co., Ltd embodies rich experience of Huanqiu Valve Group.The key persons of the  company are professional valve designers and have rich experience of field installation and debugging.

  After years’s of continuous innovation and development, the company has become the high and new technology enterprise of design, research, development, production and sales so that the company has accumulated many loyal customers.

  Based on international design concept, the main design standard is in accordance with ASME, ANSI,API, DIN, GB and others. The material include casting and forged carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel; the product size is from 3/8’t0 24" (DNlO to DN600); Pressure range: ANSI Class150 ~ Class2500Lb (PNl.O - 42Mpa); Temperature scope: -196’C - 600’C.

  Following the business philosophy of "Customers First", with products of high performance, high quality and market competition at home and abroad, based on "Better, stronger and bigger", Zhejiang Huankong Automation Instrument Co., Ltd  provides the most reasonable and most perfect industrial products for all users.




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